Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs by Tranquil

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This product was received free or at a discounted price in return for an honest and fair review.

To start, these are very comfortable earplugs #tranquilearplugs! I have relatively small ear canals and have yet to find an ear plug (or an earbud for that matter) that I can use pain free for more than 10 minutes. Tranquil has hit the mark on this aspect of their very soft silicone ear plug. The flange design and cone shape really do the trick.

Although the manufacturer states “noise cancelling” the earplugs are more noise reducing than cancelling. I’m guessing around a 40% reduction in background noise with the earplugs in place. Sounds like a lot but in actual use that was enough to reduce the TV sound from the living room to a tolerable level when I tried to go to sleep with hubby still watching his shows. For sound in the bedroom, however, that was a different story. The noise from the television in the bedroom did seem maybe 25% reduced but the closer snores from the Chihuahua and the husband were still loud enough to be a distraction.

In my opinion based on actual use, these earplugs are well suited for situations where you’d like to limit distracting background noises rather than obliterating them. For a  quieter reading or studying time or meditation when total quiet is impractical or not possible Tranquil’s blue silicone earplugs are just right.

Easy to insert into ear, easy to wear, easy to remove. I experienced no irritation, pressure, or other discomfort. The earplugs would have scored higher in hearts if they muted just a little bit more.  If I were needed in the other room I would still hear someone yelling. If my husband or grand-kids wanted me it would be easy to get my attention. I like being able to hear something and I would be very uncomfortable (due to a personal phobia) to hear nothing at all. In fact, if they were to deaden surrounding noises I would never use them. Overall, I would just like to hear a little bit less than these offer. That being said, I will be using the item during meditation time and reading.

Also a big plus is the free replacement lifetime warranty and don’t forget the perfect pouch and storage case. If you are interested in Tranquil Comfortable Fit Blue Silicone Earplugs, you can find them here at Amazon.

For full disclosure, I did receive this item for the cost of shipping only in return for using the product and writing a full honest review.



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