Chill Sip Beer Cooler

❣❣❣❣ MSRP $30.00  @Amazon $25.97

My unfettered opinion of the #chillsip beer cooler – bottle koozie that I purchased at a discount.

Just what you need to keep the chill in your beer! Fits most 12 oz bottles and keeps your drink discreet. The bottle holder is thin but quality stainless steel – and who wants a lot of weight added to your bottle…

Easy to assemble and use, this kept my soda nice and cold for the 30 minutes it took me to finish drinking. I’m sure it would keep the chill for much longer.  If it was summer here I’d test it outdoors in the heat since that is where lots of beer drinking is done but have to settle with testing indoors.

The top cover includes a bottle opener, handy for my gourmet soda bottles, and has a gasket that covers the bottle opening to help prevent spilling (most beer bottles have screw off caps now but the sodas don’t). The extra neoprene zipper sleeve is a great addition. Not only does it add an extra layer of insulation it makes holding the bottle much more comfortable.

I rated this at a 4 out of 5 because I find the screw on top cover doesn’t thread easily. I have to unscrew it a few times before it grabs and goes on all the way. Otherwise, I think its a great product especially for beer lovers who love their beer as cold as ice.

The complete setup with my bottle              Foam cylinder inserted into holder

_dsc0018   _dsc0023-1


Bottle inserted                         Bottle capped                         Zippered outer sleeve

_dsc0028-4  _dsc0029-2  _dsc0030-2