Round XL BBQ Grill Mats

šŸ¤”šŸ¤”šŸ¤”Ā šŸ¤”Ā MSRP $21.99 @Amazon $15.97 on sale


So, I am still considering these mats that I purchased at a discount to test and review. I think I need to use the #grillmat for more than cooking hamburgers on the grill. My first impression is pretty much not impressed; honestly a little disappointed. The burgers cooked well enough and the grill did stay clean…

It seemed to take a longer time for the burgers to cook. Grill marks were visibleĀ just not as marked as if the meat was directly on the grill. I had a hard time keeping the temperature up to the 450-500 degree range that I like for grilling burgers. For now I can maybe blame the colder weather.

While the mats do keep the juices and fats from draining through the grill rack it also means that the meat is sitting on those juices and fatsĀ making me feel like I was frying. If I wanted fried burgers I would have cooked inside and not brave the 35 degree evening air.Ā Finally, the burgers cooked and tasted pretty good but without that ‘grilled’ flavor.

For the grill, I’m thinking this will be perfect for veggies and seafood! No more dropping pieces of onion through the grill or burning shrimp because of butter flare-ups. I am looking forward to testing the mats with more ‘summer fare’.

Meanwhile, I’m pretty sureĀ I will like using this in the oven. It does contain the mess and it is easy to clean. Will be perfect for my pizza.