Petpost Coconut Oil for Dogs

🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶 $18.97 @Petpost

Since I’ve switched the oils that I use for cooking (and skin care) I am more aware of the benefits of coconut oil. When I came upon this product for review I bought it for my two dogs; Coconut oil has many benefits including for skin, digestive, and immunity. 1/2 tsp in their dinner and they don’t take their faces out of the dish till its all gone!

A little less than a week of use and I can see a difference in their coats; silky and shinier. My 4 pound (overweight) Chihuahua gets the itches so I’ll wait and see if this makes that better. I might try rubbing a small amount onto her skin as well. Might even help her lose a little weight. The older, and bigger dog, a 6 pound Chi has respiratory allergies. Not sure if the Coconut Oil will help that stuffy nose and drippy sinus. With anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties it just might!

Neither dog has issues with hot spots but I understand this oil is perfect for that, too.

I am very happy with this purchase – definitely worth it for my canine family.

Petpost has a link on site to an excellent guide about using coconut for your dog.