Take Me To The Start

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This author’s first book is brilliant. Her characters are complex and exceptionally developed while maintaining their ability to relate to the reader. Sophia and Benjamin are totally believable in their damaged selves just as many of us who have been traumatized.
I love the sentence structure; simple to compound and a joy to read. I was very happy to find that I was not skipping over descriptions. Ms. Kavit is to the point on the physical elements of the book which makes it easy to ‘see’ where the characters are without overburdening you with adjectives.
Written in the first person point of view, it is suspenseful to have to wait to experience the story through Sophia’s eyes. I got a chuckle out of one review stating the story felt like “The Time Traveler’s Wife” meets “Fifty Shades of Grey” — exactly how I described it to my Mom! No, the level of sex and the narrative are no where near Fifty Shades but still a little tantalizing.
Take Me To The Start is suspense, mystery, romance, and sci-fy wrapped up into one heck of a story! …and I can’t wait until Volume 2 hits Amazon.