Easy@Home 3 in 1 Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

MSRP $31.49 @Easy@Home

Received this today for review consideration. Point and shoot! Point the thermometer at the forehead or right temple, press the scan button and well nothing that’s it – you have your temperature reading. In addition to the digital numeral reading you will see the screen lights up green, yellow, or red indicating the severity of the fever from normal to high. Just like that. Simple. No more waking or disturbing your sick child to get an accurate temperature.Plus there is no cleaning after use – no transferring of germs!This IR thermometer even works on my husband where the ear thermometer never gave a correct reading.

What I really like is you can check the room temperature or the temperature of any surface. Plus, since all electronics can be a little quirky, this unit has a calibration method. So if you are finding the accuracy a bit off you can correct that directly with the unit. Change the mode (Room, Body, Surface) or change the C/F reading with the touch of a button.

I would consider this a must if you have children and a really nice to have around even if you don’t.