The Phaii Bamboo Charcoal Tooth Powder

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OK, yes using #Phaii charcoal tooth powder (or any charcoal tooth powder) is messy! And…yes, I like it. I also use a trace mineral brushing powder which is almost as messy. I guess I like trying the strange and weird natural products; received this at a discount in consideration for review. Make it less messy by having a separate small dish to put the little scoop of powder on then wet your brush and dab the brush on the powder in the dish. But really, clean-up is simple as wiping with a damp cloth.

Anyway back to the #Phaii powder. It is charcoal and it is charcoal black. You will have a Halloween looking smile when brushing your teeth but they feel so much cleaner when done. ( I won’t gross you out with that image).

Some reviewers have mentioned that it has a slightly unpleasant taste. I don’t notice a taste at all. In fact, other that the fact it is black I don’t notice anything when actually brushing my teeth.

I’ve been using for nearly 2 weeks and the reason I’ve given this product a 4 Smile and not a 5 is because I have not noticed any increased whitening. My teeth are definitely brighter and shinier and feel cleaner but they do not look any whiter. Still some yellowing and while I continue to use the product if I see a difference I will update. Another reason I tried this one is that I have a couple of ‘sensitive’ gum line areas. These do seem to be less sensitive.

Herbal formula contains:
Active Bamboo Charcoal Powder
Siamese Rough Bush
Guava Leaf
Orange Peel