Planet Wise Products Best Dog Poop Bags

🐩🐩🐩🐩 MSRP $15.99 @Amazon

Doggie Poo Bags. If you have a dog and you walk your dog you probably have the need for doggie poo bags. We go through a decent amount of them so I decided to consider a different brand to review. Planet Wise Products dog bags are environmentally friendly decent sized pick up bags. Arrived in a box of 42 rolls / 630 bags and a baggie holder.

Compared to my usual brand these are about equal in strength and quality. I haven’t had one tear at the perforation like with other brands I have tried. Not so sure how well they would do for big dog messes but I could recommend these for small to medium sized dogs; except for one thing…

…they are transparent! YUCK! My reason for only 4 doggies. Really…we all know what is in the bag, we don’t need to see. I would be so much more comfortable if the bags were more opaque. I’ve used biodegradable bags that are very dark in color and not transparent and I like that much better. Of course, that choice is up to you. If not bothered by this than Planet Wise Dog Poop Bags just may be a good choice for you. Good value for the money.

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