Unlimited Camp Portable 2 Person Hammock with Pillows

😎😎😎😎😎 MSRP $55.00 Sale $36.77 @Amazon


So glad I got to test out a double person #hammock from Unlimited Camp. This 100% nylon is Long (9.4′) and wide (6.5′) with a weight limitation of 441 pounds. Perfect to use as a single or a double, very comfy. I know my Chi is going to love getting in this to nap with his ‘papa’. Very lightweight, probably anyone can get it hung properly. It is really simple; secure the two straps, attach the hammock carabiners, blow up the pillows (all included) then relax!

The only thing I would recommend is to find (or make) a cotton pillowcase for each of the two pillows. The pillows are perfectly sized for the hammock and for other uses like car and airplane travel. The two inflatable pillows are made from a ‘velvety’ fabric and I find them very hot.

Perfectly portable. Roll it up and store in the attached drawstring fabric bag. Great for hiking, camping or your own backyard. Put it in the car and you’ll have a great place to relax when you want to stop for awhile.

Haven’t had anyone to test the weight limitation yet so I can not attest to its strength except to say that my hubby and I total about 300 pounds and we are fine in this hammock.